List of publications

Speech databases and corpora

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Heggarty, Paul et al. 2019. Sound Comparisons: A new online database and resource for research in phonetic diversity. Proceedings of ICPhS 19, Melbourne, pp. 280-284, see paper for full list of authors.


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Prosody and intonation

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Segmental phonetics

Paschen, Ludger. 2019. Some remarks on the four-way phonation contrast in Bzhedugh Adyghe. Proceedings of ICPhS 19, Melbourne, 2075–2079.
Paschen, Ludger. 2015. An acoustic study of fricatives in Temirgoy Adyghe. Proceedings of ICPhS 18, Glasgow.
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Oral communication and talk-in-interaction

Paschen, Ludger. 2019. On clicks in Russian everyday communication. In: Urban Voices: The Sociolinguistics, Grammar and Pragmatics of Spoken Russian. Ed. by Nadine Thielemann and Nicole Richter. Berlin: Peter Lang, 237–257. DOI: 10.3726/978-3-653-05675-4.
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Fuchs, Susanne; Paschen, Ludger. (accepted). Nonconventional aspects of language and their relation to general linguistics. To appear in Theoretical linguistics.
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