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Picture could not be displayed Ludger Paschen
Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS)
Schützenstr. 18
10117 Berlin

Email: paschen [ät] leibniz-zas [döt] de

I am a linguist interested in the sounds and sound systems occurring in natural language.

Topics I have worked on include

I received my PhD from the University of Leipzig, where I was a member of the Research Training Group IGRA.

Together with Frank Seifart and Matthew Stave, I am a co-editor of DoReCo, a corpus containing time-aligned annotations of speech data from 51 mostly small and endangered languages.

From August 2022, I am Principal Investigator of the AIRAL project (funded by DFG). AIRAL investigates the phonetic correlates of the root-affix asymmetry from a cross-linguistic perspective. Using data from DoReCo, AIRAL seeks to assess the acoustic properties of complex word forms in a worldwide sample of around 40 languages, with the goal of testing competing theories on phonological and morphological structure building. More information on AIRAL can be found here.