DoReCo brings together spoken language corpora of 51 small and endangered languages from various language documentation initiatives. The resource is intended for cross-linguistic research on phonetics, morphology, and other topics related to spoken language(s). On the DoReCo website, you can explore the 51 datasets, download most annotation and audio files as well as metadata for free without registration, and find basic guidance on how to use the DoReCo data. If you have further questions or comments, you can write an email to or use our GitHub issue tracker.

AIRAL is an ongoing project (2022-2025) funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). AIRAL (Acoustic Insights into the Root-Affix asymmetry across Languages) has the goal to shed light on the acoustic properties of roots and affixes in a world-wide sample of 40 languages. The project draws upon a combination of morphological and phonetic time alignments provided by the DoReCo corpus, which allow to study the effects of morphological structure on fine phonetic detail (duration, spectral properties) across languages with vastly different sound inventories and levels of morphological synthesis.

The AIRAL team consists of:

Ludger Paschen (Principal Investigator, Leibniz-ZAS)

Aleksandr Schamberger (Research Assistant, HU Berlin)

Bruno Behling (Research Assistant, HU Berlin)


Frank Seifart (HU Berlin & Leibniz-ZAS)

Susanne Fuchs (Leibniz-ZAS)

Christoph Draxler (BAS, LMU München)

Matt Stave (DDL Lyon)

Rachid Ridouane (Université Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Peter M. Arkadiev (Johannes-Gutenberg Universität Mainz)

Former project members:

Michelle Throssell (Research Assistant, U Potsdam)