Talks and conference presentations


Morphological accent in Lakota. Talk given at Micro-Workshop on Accent, Leipzig University, 29 Jan 2019.


Glottolog 3.3: Some problems – and proposed solutions. Talk given at the DLCE Journal Club, MPI-SHH, Jena, 13 Dec 2018, with Paul Heggarty.


Anti-cyclic mutation in Stratal Containment. Talk given at NELS 48, Reykjavík, 27 Oct 2017.

The place hierarchy is still alive: Evidence from Lakota. Talk given at Markedness: Perspectives in Morphology and Phonology, Goethe University Frankfurt, 13 Jul 2017.

Beobachtungen zur Prosodie in russischen Regionalsprachen. Invited talk given at Slavistisches Kolloquium, University of Göttingen, 14 Jun 2017.

Overapplication in Seereer is not backcopying. Poster presented at 25mfm, Manchester, 26 May 2017.

Wordhood at all levels: A stratal account of minimality effects in Kharia. Poster presented at OCP 14, Duesseldorf, 21 Feb 2017.


Clicks in interaction from a cross-linguistic perspective: A construction-based approach. Talk given at ConSOLE XXIV, York (UK), 08 Jan 2016, with Matías Guzmán Naranjo.

Vowel colouring patterns in Bzhedugh Adyghe: Evidence for cumulative constraint interaction. Talk given at ConSOLE XXIV, York (UK), 06 Jan 2016.


Floating, but ordered: An account of Sye verb root alternations. Poster presented at NELS 46, Montreal, 16 Oct 2015, with Peter Staroverov.

Russisch-Evenischer Sprachkontakt. Beobachtungen zur Sprache der Altsiedler in Sibirien und im Fernen Osten. Talk given at 12. Deutscher Slavistentag, Gießen, 02 Oct 2015, with Christian Sappok.

Tiefe vs. nicht-tiefe Abschlüsse: Beobachtungen zur Intonation in der russischen Spontansprache. Talk given at 12. Deutscher Slavistentag, Gießen, 02 Oct 2015.

An acoustic analysis of fricatives in Temirgoy Adyghe. Talk given at ICPhS 18, Glasgow, 11 Aug 2015.

When boundaries become central: on clicks, rhythm breaks and boundary tones in Russian. Talk given at Urban Voices: linguistic variation and communicative diversity, St. Petersburg, 25 Jun 2015.

Russisch-Evenische Interferenzen in der Sprache der Altsiedler im Fernen Osten -- phonetisch induziert, phonologisch katalysiert oder parallel verlaufend? Talk given at Junge Slavistik im Dialog X, Kiel, 11 Apr 2015.

Boundary tones indicate turn allocation in Russian. Talk given at ConSOLE XXIII, Paris, 8 Jan 2015.


RuReg: Eine Datenbank russischer Regionalsprache. Talk given at Junge Slavistik im Dialog IX, Kiel, 11 Apr 2014.


The Circassian languages: Phonetic detail and typological conclusions. Invited talk given at Surrey Morphology Group, 13 Nov 2013.